Lazio Regional Administration - Torno Subito

Programme for university students and graduates
With the note ‘Torno Subito’ (i.e. ‘Be Right Back’) the regional Department for Education, Research, School and University wants to launch an overseas development plan for higher education and experimental professional experiences related to training. It is an innovative tool to encourage opportunities for qualified and long-term employment within the productive fabric of the region.
Learning projects as well as formal and informal training projects and/or work experiences are funded aiming at future work placement. They are designed and carried out by students/graduates in cooperation with and thanks to the support of public and private organizations.
The initiative is financed through European Social Fund of ROP Lazio 2007-2013 Goal No 2 - Axis II Employability and Axis V Transnational and Interregional Cooperation. It is an experimental action focused on university students and graduates who would like to benefit from an innovative learning experience. Such experience will be articulated in two phases:
the first phase shall be carried out outside the territory of the Lazio Region (other Italian regions, EU Countries, other European and foreign countries) to acquire knowledge, competences and professional skills; the second one shall be organised within the territory of the Lazio Region to enter the local employment market and use the acquired skills within the regional context.

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